Free Indeed Art



Free Indeed Art was created to bring people joy, hope, and freedom by painting what is most special to them.

Jessica has pioneered the idea of custom fine art. She developed the Custom Painting Process to give her clients the freedom to commission art that is deeply personal and tailored exactly to their taste.

Free Indeed Art is the only art business that allows the client to choose the 5 aspects of their painting: layout, medium, size, painting style, and color palette.


Jane A

“It was a pleasant experience working with Jess. She really captured the heart and love of my family home growing up.”

Jane A.

Leigh Ann B.

“‘Thank You!’ and ‘Spot On!’ are reactions that pale in comparison to you hitting my vision out of the park! Your natural ability to visualize our beautiful relationship with a stroke of your hand captured our lifelong love for each other. Thank you for your extraordinary efforts in bringing this horse and rider to life, as this museum-quality piece will be cherished and admired daily.”

Leigh Ann B.

Tim W

“Jessica did an excellent job of assisting with choosing colors and layout for my mother’s Christmas gift painting of Itsy. She was cordial and kind to work with, and the watercolor turned out just like I had envisioned! Thank you so much for the heartfelt painting.”

Tim W.

Craig A

“What a process! Jessica asked me to envision one of my favorite scenes, vistas or memories. I thought of the view we have of Lone Mountain, in the winter, at Big Sky off of our deck. We also have a favorite Scottish Terrier with a floppy ear. So she painted a fantastic scene of our Scotty McKenzie looking at Lone Mountain Peak at Big Sky. A treasure.”

Craig A.